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Register for our next Medical Society workshop

LightMedia specialise in the development of highly interactive, bespoke websites for medical societies and associations. To demonstrate our expertise in this area, we have been holding workshops throughout 2016 at The Royal College of Surgeons in London and have been joined by a wide range of medical societies and associations who have taken away useful tips and advice on how to enhance their organisation’s website.

The sessions are free to attend and are designed to assist those who are commissioning or managing a society website in the surgical or clinical sector.

Our workshops look at the changes in the web and how they impact the way medical societies use the internet. Members and the public now have increased expectation for interaction, flexibility and rich functionality. We use practical examples to show how the latest thinking and technology could be used to add value to society/association websites and their membership.

Our previous workshops took place in Spring and in Summer, so we are beginning arrangements for our Autumn workshop which is due to take place in September. If you are part of a medical society or association and feel you would benefit from attending one of our free sessions, please get in touch to register your interest so we can keep you up-to-date with arrangements for the day. Contact Jasmin at or on +44 (0)1926 313233.