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The British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH)

"We were looking for a website that had a contemporary look and feel with improved mobile performance. While the old site had served its purpose for a number of years, it was now considered wordy, and no longer reflected the image of the Society. While it provided surgeons with the information they required, we needed to consider the patient’s perspective too.

Today, patients with hand conditions look on the internet for information. We wished to give patients an introduction to hand surgery and useful knowledge. It was a way of breaking down the barriers between a surgeon and their patient. We were therefore looking for a user friendly site for both patients and members.

Over the years, the BSSH have worked with a number of companies who had had difficulty in providing what we wanted. Partly because we had to integrate the membership database into the new website and that seemed to cause problems. This was very different. We work closely with one trusted supplier who writes our membership databases and conference packages etc. He’s a perfectionist and 100% efficient. Surgeons are also perfectionists. With LightMedia we’ve finally found a company that we can all work with.

Nothing has been too much trouble for Tony and his team. They made the process extremely straightforward. They were flexible, had good ideas and were always available to ask questions. We set a timetable we could all adhere to and LightMedia delivered absolutely everything on time. It could not have been easier.

We’re very pleased with the functionality as well as the look and feel of the website. We can change the basic ourselves with ease. LightMedia are the only company we’ve worked with who have said we don’t need a maintenance contract which is very unusual… and very welcome. Any odd thing that might need tweaking that we can’t manage, they are happy to do.

I’ve been doing this job for quite some time and I’ve learnt that people are very quick to tell you when things don’t go well. I’m delighted to say we’ve had no criticism. All the feedback has been positive; the surgeons are delighted with the outcome, the viewing hits have increased per month and analytics have shown that the Patients’ Conditions area is hugely popular. We are so pleased and have enjoyed working with LightMedia throughout the whole process."

British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS)

"We liked their collaborative approach. Yes, they had their own ideas but they ran some very helpful workshops with us, looking at navigation and improving the user’s journey through the website.

The working partnership was even better than anticipated. As members of our project team were working surgeons, it wasn’t uncommon to have meetings outside of normal working hours. LightMedia were very flexible, proactive and kept to our tight timescale, even presenting the detailed specification to our trustees on a weekend so we could get sign-off and move quickly into the implementation phase.

As a membership organisation, there is a wide body of views and opinions that we have to take into account. If you don’t nail the project down at the beginning, you’ll get ‘project creep’ with everybody wanting to add their own bit of functionality. We found the two phase project approach (specification then implementation) helped us to contain costs and deliver the project on time and in budget.

From an IT point of view, we’re a small team at BAUS so we have to integrate with other systems. LightMedia’s willingness to meet with these suppliers, their pragmatism and unfailingly helpful tone has been wonderful. I feel they take a pride in the website in the same way that we do so it feels like a real working partnership.

Our website went live on schedule and on budget and we received great feedback from both association members and the public. It’s been such a great project to work on and LightMedia are a wonderful company to deal with. We felt they knew about our project intimately and the promptness with which they dealt with everything – and continue to deal with – is enormously impressive.

We’ve recommended LightMedia to several other organisations as a result. My Chief Executive said of LightMedia, ‘If you could bottle it and more people could have it, it would be marvellous.’”    

European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS)

"LightMedia worked with us recently on a complete redesign of our existing website. We have been extremely impressed by the quality of their work, and their collaborative and helpful approach to the design, delivery and aftercare phases of our project.

We chose LightMedia as our development partner due to their considered and specific response to our design brief, and their previous work for similar professional societies. Communication during the developemnt process was punctual and helpful. They worked with us to develop our plans, adding valuable expertise particularly to the commercial and interactive parts of our new site. They were flexible and adaptable, and provided useful face-to-face training.

LightMedia delivered our project promptly and to budget. They were available during delivery and afterwards for support. Feedback from our members has been very positive. We'd be happy to recommend them, and to work with them again.”


British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (BAOMS)

"LightMedia provided a relaxed but focussed and professional approach to our surgical specialty's web redevelopment project.

A series of structured web based meetings allowed our small in-house team to liaise effectively and work towards the best website solutions for our membership, as well as enhancing the information we provide to other health professionals and the general public. We are very pleased with the outcome and feedback on the new website has been universally enthusiastic.

I would not hesitate to recommend LightMedia based on our experience."